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Hombre Rosa:  Vampire Hunter
  • Hombre Rosa: Vampire Hunter
  • With savage lands breeding savage beasts, the fight to stay alive is sometimes more fight than most can handle. Rising to assist the weak is Hombre Rosa, a powerful and skilled assassin, capable of keeping the towns and villages free from the vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters that threaten their meager existence, until... he mysteriously disappears. As the west truly does become wild his daughter stands in his stead and a new HOMBRE ROSA challenges those who might threaten man's existence. More vicious than her father, Rosa promises to rid the lands of its evil denizens and in true western fashion; it is blazing Colt's and native ingenuity that ultimately defeats the devil-spawned evil.
  • Writer: Craig Knight, Christian Knight
  • Pencils: Diego Bernard
  • Inks: Alexandre Palomaro, Alex Lei
  • Colors: PC Siqueira
  • Letters: Zach Matheny
  • CBT Created By: Craig Knight, Knight Squared Entertainment
  • Published By: Knight Squared Entertainment
  • More Info: knight2prods@gmail.com