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C2 & Posse:  Inner-City Heroes
  • C2 & Posse: Inner-City Heroes
  • Welcome to the premiere issue of a new episodic action-adventure series called C2 & Posse: Inner-City Heroes (pronounced Cee-Squared). This dynamic visually driven adventure begins with episode #4 set in the year 2150. While visiting the Museum of Natural Mystery, our inner-city teenagers get kidnapped by covert agents of the evil empire and find themselves... "Caught in the Mix!" Later they discover that this evil empire with its storm trooper androids, generals, covert agents and technology - destroyed life on all the planets in our solar system.... now earth is their next target. These new Inner-City Heroes are dramatic, humorous and exciting! They provide an excellent communication vehicle, building awareness of issues concerning children, teenagers, ecology and humanity. Each action-packed adventure challenges C2 & POSSE to develop their intellect, faith, individual talents and collective skills to overcome obstacles and to defeat the evil empire. The salvation of all humanity rests on the broad shoulders of C2 & Posse! No guns...just fun. These art books are perfect bound with full color pages, lots of full page bleeds throughout, and printed on high quality glossy paper.
  • Writer: Artoni
  • Pencils: Artoni, Chris Royal
  • Inks: Artoni
  • Colors: Artoni
  • Published By: Langdon Street Press
  • More Info: