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C.O.T.A. - Children of the Apocalypse
  • C.O.T.A. - Children of the Apocalypse
  • Three and a half years ago, we watched as the world united and elected one leader. We were hopeful that this unification would bring an end to the wars and plagues that threaten to eradicate mankind. We were wrong! If it were not for an accidental discovery, we would have thought he was our savior. The discovery opened our eyes to the truth behind his rise to power. Attacking from the shadows since that day, we have bled in secret. Fighting a war for the souls of humankind. Gathering to us those who have come to see the truth that is hidden behind the lies as we continue to struggle against the darkness that encroaches. We will not lay down. We will not give in. We are the Children of the Apocalypse.
  • Writer: Amanda McMurray
  • Pencils: Rod Thornton
  • Inks: Mike Brooks
  • Colors: Benjamin Carbonero
  • Letters: Jaymes Reed
  • Cover Artist: Rod Thornton
  • CBT Created By: EJE Productions
  • Published By: Angel Comics
  • More Info: http://angelcomics.net/