Dark Pulsar and the Mistery Behind the Number 7 Battle Hymn Stan Lee's Starborn
Meltdown Boston Comic Con 2013 The Fro:  Origin
Vigilance Stan Lee's Soldier Zero Omega One #1
Fear Itself #1 Irredeemable Alpha Gods:   Betrayal




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Dig Comics
  • Dig Comics
  • Winner of Best Documentary at 2009 San Diego Comic-Con International Film Festival. When most people think of comic books, they think of a bunch of lowbrow entertainment for duller minds. Fact is, this art form is the most exciting and vibrant medium happening now. And don't think just superheroes. Any genre you may fancy comedy, horror, drama, documentary, the surreal, spiritual, historical, political anything you want is out there being created by a community of incredibly talented and underappreciated writers and artists. Both a love letter to the American art form of comics and a call to arms to increase the dwindling audience, Dig Comics, this documentary is hosted by writer/director Miguel Cima, who talks with comic book creators and retailers. He also conducts unique man-on-the-street experiments to find out what happened with America's affection for comics. Check out what you've been missing! We want you to Dig Comics!
  • Writer: Miguel Cima
  • More Info: http://www.DigComics.com