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The List Volume II: An Honouring of the 3rd Commandment
  • The List Volume II: An Honouring of the 3rd Commandment
  • A typical suburban family is visited by an Arch Angel, who presents them with their birthright, The List, in exchange for the life of the Mother. The Mother agrees to be sacrificed, knowing the family will be held in high esteem by God for doing so. With the Mother dead, the Angel bequeaths The List to the Father, who embarks on his quest. The story opens with his return, seeking his promised reward: Enlightenment - a knowledge he will gain only by suicide. Before this, however, he passes The List down to his Son, who, like his Father, has the Commandments tattooed upon his torso before embarking on his own urban "holy" quest...
  • Writer: Paul Bedford
  • Pencils: Henry Pop
  • Inks: Tom Bonin
  • Letters: Fleur Andrews
  • Cover Artist: Wayne Nichols
  • CBT Created By: Trevor Woods
  • Published By: Dog With A Bone Studios
  • More Info: