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Sergeant Zero
  • Sergeant Zero
  • Forged from a past now lost, his memory used for an inner fire, Sergeant Zero is a soldier few remember and most have forgotten...including himself. Sergeant Zero sees action for the first time in the Black Forest, Germany. His unit, Zero Company, goes over the border from southern France, to a small town in the heart of the forest where they find Krieger Keep. Intelligence believes this to be a place of interest to Hitler. What they find, however, is something more sinister. A gateway into another Lovecraftian world.
  • Writer: Anthony Schiavino
  • Pencils: Simone Guglielmini
  • Inks: Simone Guglielmini
  • Colors: Anthony Schiavino
  • Letters: Anthony Schiavino
  • Cover Artist: Simone Guglielmini (Alternate Cover: Dave Flora)
  • CBT Created By: Tyler Weaver
  • Published By: Pulp Tone
  • More Info: