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Trapped In A Smile
  • Trapped In A Smile
  • The tale of an agoraphobic, obsessive-compulsive girl who winds up in a confrontation with a crazed scientist who is stealing the "Heaven Sequence" from people's brains. The most common near-death experience that is described is the "tunnel of white light leading to heaven" - some scientists theorize that this is a pre-programmed death sequence that our brains run as we die. Nothing more. Not really going to heaven. Just a comfortable final movie to watch, generated by our minds, as we pass on. The crazed scientist is collecting heaven sequences from his victims and combining them to create his own artificial heaven. When his heaven is built, he'll inject himself into the stream - getting a "real" heaven, running off the power of his stolen, "fake" heavens. When this scientist tries to pull the heaven sequence from our heroine's brain, there's a problem....
  • Writer: Michael Noon
  • Pencils: Michael Noon
  • Inks: Michael Noon
  • Colors: Michael Noon
  • Letters: Michael Noon
  • Cover Artist: Michael Noon
  • CBT Created By: Matthew Roddy (http://www.matthewroddy.com)
  • More Info: http://www.michaelart.info/