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  • Souled
  • What lies at the edge of the universe? The crew of the space freighter "Another Man's Trash" are about to find out. Set against the backdrop of intergalactic corporate greed, "Souled" takes the reader beyond the reach of this life into the afterlife. Artists Zach Basset (Decisions) and James Whynot (Entity) bring Christopher Faulkner's unique vision to life in this five-issue full color mini-series - coming soon from Cosmic Times.
  • Writer: Christopher Faulkner
  • Pencils: Zach Bassett
  • Inks: James Whynot
  • Colors: Kevin Zeigler
  • Cover Artist: Zach Bassett, Robin Bassett
  • CBT Created By: Martin T. Pierro, Kevin MacLeod (Music), Christian Reavis (Voiceover)
  • Published By: Cosmic Times
  • More Info: