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Dark Age, Book 01:  Dominion
  • Dark Age, Book 01: Dominion
  • Dark Age is a mythological trilogy about the future of mankind. It is a future where the chosen few live in a technologically advanced utopian center, plotting to destroy the rest of humanity, whom try to survive in a large urban ghetto - known as The Slums. Information, technology and weapons are banned from the masses, punishable by death. Only one man can destroy the plans of this oppressive regime, but he doesn't even know it... yet. He is on the bottom like the rest of his fellow slum dwellers, but it'll take all the technological might and arms of the few, to destroy his rise from the flames. The revolution begins now! Mada and Vin Shaye are twin brothers who created the Dark Age story independently. Everything from the print production to the typefaces have been designed by them both.
  • Writer: Mada Shaye, Vin Shaye
  • Pencils: Mada Shaye
  • Inks: Vin Shaye
  • Colors: Mada Shaye
  • Letters: Vin Shaye
  • Cover Artist: Mada Shaye
  • CBT Created By: HayesHayes Productions, Inc.
  • Published By: HayesHayes Productions, Inc.
  • More Info: