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The Devil's Concubine - U.S. Release
  • The Devil's Concubine - U.S. Release
  • In a nameless European metropolis a story about greed, treason and violence is unfolding with the two guns-for-hire Jean-Luc and Linda in the middle of it all. After a hit-and-heist job for an anonymous contractor the deal goes sour, and things goes from bad to worse as they use bullets and blunt force to figure out who set them up, how to get paid and maybe find out why everybody is so interested in the mysterious container box they now have in their possession. Chased by both the police, a mad gang of rastafaris and the minions of a furious crime lord, Jean-Luc and Linda blasts their way through the underworld with only little hope of finding out the true essence of "The Devil's Concubine" before it's too late.
  • Writer: Palle Schmidt, Olav Junker Kjaer
  • Pencils: Palle Schmidt
  • Inks: Palle Schmidt
  • Colors: Palle Schmidt, Rune Christensen
  • Letters: Palle Schmidt
  • Cover Artist: Dane Peter Snejbjerg
  • CBT Created By: Kim Lykke Jensen
  • Published By: Fahrenheit
  • More Info: