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The Night Owls
  • The Night Owls
  • "The Night Owls" is a Detective Agency set in New York City in the 1920s and specializing in cases that involve the supernatural. Professor Ernest Baxter, an expert in all things arcane; Mindy Markus, a scrappy flapper; and Roscoe, a gargoyle from the Bronx, are The Night Owls. Together, they solve the crimes that no one else can solve! When you suspect your wife is a werewolf, when you're haunted by a petulant poltergeist, or caught in the trap of a vicious vampire, your best chance of survival is the Night Owls!
  • Writer: Peter Timony
  • Pencils: Bobby Timony
  • Inks: Bobby Timony
  • Cover Artist: Bobby Timony
  • Published By: Zuda Comics
  • More Info: http://www.twincomics.com/