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  • Becoming
  • (MATURE READERS) At a remote university, an angry young student faces the harsh realization that he has nothing to show for years of study. When he threatens his professor to teach him something real, he is drawn into a horrifying game of life and death. Soon, he will learn that the only rule is pain, and that true knowledge only comes when everything you believe...has burned away. Written by Brooke Burgess -- the award-winning creator of Broken Saints. Original Story by Curry Leon Hitchborn.
  • Writer: Brooke Burgess
  • Pencils: Dane Cypel
  • Inks: Dane Cypel
  • Colors: Sara Machajewski
  • Letters: Sara Machajewski
  • Cover Artist: Dane Cypel
  • CBT Created By: (Music: Tobias Tinker)
  • Published By: Arcana
  • More Info: