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The Less Than Historical Adventures of Li'l Lincoln #2
  • The Less Than Historical Adventures of Li'l Lincoln #2
  • When Abraham Lincoln was only 9-years-old, he lost his mother to a terrible frontier disease called "Milk Sickness." Within a year his father, Thomas Lincoln, remarried the widow Sarah Bush Johnston... It is with no stretch of the imagination to understand that this would be hard on any kid and in our tall tale, Abe takes a great disliking to this news, setting him off on a whirlwind adventure leaving everyone back home wondering if he will ever return... Welcome to the wonderful mixed up world of less than historical proportions! In this second installment, we follow Abe and his best friend Fido -a mutt of no discernible heritage- as they travel ever deeper into the heart of the dark woods of Indiana. Be forewarned; the unexpected should be expected as these two unwary travelers will soon discover when they run into a couple legends from American Folklore in this wild new tale!
  • Writer: Benny Jack K.
  • Pencils: Paul Johnson
  • Inks: Paul Johnson
  • Colors: Paul Johnson
  • Cover Artist: Paul Johnson
  • Published By: Warrior Innkeeper Comics
  • More Info: http://www.warriorinnkeeper.com