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Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father
  • Johnny Saturn: Synns of the Father
  • This video showcases the 132 page, full-color graphic novel that is the first, complete story arc of the battle between underdog mystery man, Johnny Saturn, and his worse enemy, Dr. Horatio Synn, a master terrorist bent on proving his theory of creating ultimate Chaos using Johnny Saturn's hometown of Spire City as his testing ground. And not only does Johnny Saturn have to stop Dr. Synn, he has to fight Spire City's group of superheroes, the Squadron Premiere, lead by The Utopian, who believes that fighting world-class criminals should be left to those with meta-powers. But not even Heaven or Hell can stop Johnny Saturn from doing his job. Described as "The best post-modern, deconstructionist, paranormal, superhero, crime noir comic with mythological overtones there is!" Johnny Saturn is the underdog who bites back!
  • Writer: Scott Story, Benita Story
  • Pencils: Scott Story
  • Inks: Scott Story
  • Colors: Scott Story, Lula Borges, John Rauch
  • Letters: Benita Story
  • Cover Artist: Scott Story
  • CBT Created By: Scott Story
  • Published By: Story Studios LLC
  • More Info: http://johnnysaturn.com/