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  • Numbercruncher
  • Bastard Zane is hot on the Mathematician's heels, as the reincarnating schemer dives back through time and lifetimes to be with the woman he loves, again and again, across a hundred different incarnations! The Divine Calculator wants the Mathematician's mind under his contract, and Zane wants his freedom from the fulfillment of the same - so it's time to warm up his maths-driven accident gun - and kill the bloody genius as many bloody times as he can bloody reincarnate! But when you're dealing with a dead man as smart as this one, things are never going to go smoothly!
  • Writer: Si Spurrier
  • Pencils: P.J. Holden
  • Inks: P.J. Holden
  • Colors: Jordie Bellaire
  • Letters: Simon Bowland
  • Cover Artist: P.J. Holden
  • Published By: Titan Comics
  • More Info: http://titan-comics.com