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Sally of the Wasteland
  • Sally of the Wasteland
  • Sally is just one of maybe a few thousand or so people still managing to survive in the harsh future of what was once the United States. After "The Fall", the animals of the world have either died off or horribly mutated into dangerous beasts with no fear of humans. In all of this chaos, Sally is a young woman with a sharp tongue and a knack for firearms just trying to get by in a savage world while hopelessly in love with her good friend Tommy. When a stranger shows up in town with a mission that could possibly save the world, Tommy can't help but join the adventure across the wasteland and Sally can't help but follow Tommy.
  • Writer: Victor Gischler
  • Pencils: Tazio Bettin
  • Inks: Tazio Bettin
  • Published By: Titan Comics
  • More Info: