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  • Stargazer
  • While examining a mysterious Artifact on a backyard camping trip, three young girls are suddenly transported to a strange and distant world. Summoning their courage, they set out to explore their alien surroundings, where they find a robot, a mysterious far-off tower, and an illusive yet terrifying monster. Scared, yet buoyed by the stories and songs that they've heard while growing up, the girls gather their meagre supplies and head out into the wilderness, determined to find a way home. A magical tale with the most unlikeliest of heroes, "Stargazer" is an exploration of friendship, loss, and hope. By turns terrifying, poignant, and humorous, "Stargazer" is part fairytale, part science fiction, and part adventure story. Diamond Item Code of NOV101057
  • Writer: Von Allan
  • Pencils: Von Allan
  • Inks: Von Allan
  • Colors: Von Allan
  • Letters: Von Allan
  • Cover Artist: Von Allan
  • Published By: Von Allan Studio
  • More Info: http://stargazer.vonallan.com