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The Legend of Joe Moon
  • The Legend of Joe Moon
  • A thrilling ride to the most brutal side of the wild west. The first Spaghetti Lycanthro-Western that tells the story of a cold blooded bounty hunter, who is after something else but money. The legend was born... with pain, blood and cruelty. JOE MOON, a violent and dark bounty hunter, is on the run looking for two evil men. And he is going to give them some of their own merciless medicine... only a thousand times worse. The Far West was never so brutal. JOE MOON is a tough bounty hunter. Someone who made a difference in a rough land: The Wild West. When everything was about violence and death, only the strongest survived... and became legends.
  • Writer: Gonzalo Ventura
  • Pencils: Manuel Silva, Leonardo Silva
  • Letters: Martin Blanco
  • CBT Created By: Post Media (Music by: The Tormentos)
  • Published By: Pit Bros. Productions
  • More Info: