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Elf~Fin:  Hyfus & Tilaweed
  • Elf~Fin: Hyfus & Tilaweed
  • Hyfus is a beloved but controversial seer~sea in the Waverin pod - a community of mer-elves that live in the deep waters of Elf~Threaal. When he makes a dire prediction that dark times are approaching, nobody believes him. But how much of it comes from the rumblings of a troubled planet and how much will be driven by his own hand?
  • Writer: Julie Ditrich
  • Pencils: Jozef Szekeres
  • Inks: Jozef Szekeres
  • Colors: Jozef Szekeres
  • Cover Artist: Jozef Szekeres
  • CBT Created By: Paul Caggegi, Music by Brandon Fiechter
  • Published By: Black Mermaid Productions
  • More Info: http://elf-fin.com