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Hardcore Luchadore #1
  • Hardcore Luchadore #1
  • An action packed adventure about two Lucha Libre wrestlers who, through the machinations of a mysterious evil, get sent to another world. Through a series of events and lots of punching, the two Luchadors become heroes and start to lead a resistance to free the new world from an oppressive regime and the corruption that rules it. It's a tongue-in-cheek, action packed, high spectacle, adventure meant for all ages. Whether you're a fan of wrestling, Lucha Libre, fantasy adventure, comedy or just fun, this is a book you're guaranteed to enjoy.
  • Writer: Angelo Gines Jr.
  • Pencils: Angelo Gines Jr.
  • Colors: Topher Steven
  • Letters: Topher Steven
  • Published By: Hardcore Luchador Entertainment
  • More Info: http://hardcoreluchador.com