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Smoking Rock Band
  • Smoking Rock Band
  • This comic is based on the adventures I had years ago with my band but with a twist. I translated everything to a new world where music is more than just entertainment - Execute the right notes at the right time and the power of music will be yours!!! The main characters are four kids. Danny, Gutty, Ramby and Val-waves. They get involved in some crazy events after a concert and they decide to build a rock band. What they don't know is that now the music gigs are not just about playing for the public but about giving them a great show. But how can you satisfy people at each show? FIGHTING !!!! With the power of music and the power instruments you can compete to see what band is better at controlling and playing music.
  • Writer: Emmanuel Valtierra
  • Pencils: Emmanuel Valtierra
  • Inks: Emmanuel Valtierra
  • CBT Created By: Emmanuel Valtierra
  • More Info: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Smoking-Rock-Band/496112503759695