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Big in Japan
  • Big in Japan
  • The planet has fallen under siege to the evil Yokai witch, Oko Rikoku, and now she's called the forces of nastiness to bring forth the mightiest daikaiju the world has ever seen! Now it's up to the Earth Intelligence Organization and their latest recruits of rock star agents to finally put an end to her notorious one-thousand-year reign. Enter Tommy Lynn Taylor and his band, F-Bomb, who, while playing a string of Tokyo live houses, get caught up in the middle of an ongoing war: a war between giant robots, witches, atomic monsters and a highly classified, top secret government agency. When Tommy left L.A. to become "Big in Japan", he had no freakin' idea. "Big in Japan" is an exciting, humorous and fast-paced novel by Timothy Price, with intense, high-quality illustrations by Alan OW Barnes.
  • Writer: Timothy Price
  • Pencils: Alan OW Barnes
  • Cover Artist: Alan OW Barnes
  • CBT Created By: Music: "Atomic Stomp" written by Shane Morton, Timothy Price & Jon Waterhouse, Performed by The Silver Scream Spookshow
  • Published By: CreateSpace
  • More Info: http://www.biginjapanrocks.com