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The Absolutes
  • The Absolutes
  • The world's premier superhero team decides to take over the world and solve the myriad socio-political problems that superheroes usually ignore. The Absolutes choose to leave the superpowered brawls with megalomaniacs in tights to other superheroes, and they resolve to focus all of their time and effort on dealing with issues like the denial of basic human rights, dictatorships, mass famine, and genocide. The Absolutes take over the world to end war once and for all, to get rid of every WMD in existence, and to use their collective abilities to make the world a better place. What they find out is that despite their good intentions, the governments of the world will do everything in their power to reclaim dominance of the planet.
  • Writer: Seth Jacob
  • Pencils: Robert Rath
  • Inks: Robert Rath
  • Colors: Robert Rath
  • Letters: Robert Rath
  • CBT Created By: Seth Jacob
  • Published By: Seth Jacob
  • More Info: http://theabsolutescomic.blogspot.com