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Mr. Scootles
  • Mr. Scootles
  • When two college students watch a cursed film reel starring the forgotten 1930's cartoon character Mr. Scootles, they unknowingly set off a chain of events that could lead to Hell on Earth. Featuring a cast that includes a beautiful skirt-wearing demon, a bloodthirsty professor, a warrior angel, Judas, and the Devil herself. Mr. Scootles is a mystery-filled tale that is a tribute to the art of animation and its creators.
  • Writer: H.C. Noel
  • Pencils: H.C. Noel
  • Inks: H.C. Noel
  • Colors: H.C. Noel
  • Published By: Alterna Comics
  • More Info: http://www.hcnoel.com/scoot.html