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Dave Stewart's Zombie Broadway
  • Dave Stewart's Zombie Broadway
  • Euyrthmics co-founder Dave Stewart is shaking up the world of comics with ZOMBIE BROADWAY, the outrageous horror-comedy-musical graphic novel. When a zombie plague ravages New York City leaving only a couple thousand survivors, the government plans to bomb the city (in spite of the humans still living there) to get rid of the infestation. That is, until the mayor realizes that zombies react positively to ... show tunes?! Hence, a Broadway musical starring zombies is staged in a last-ditch attempt to bring peace to the city. Will it be a standing ovation or curtains for us all?!
  • Writer: David Harris, Christine Schenley
  • Pencils: Devaki Neogi
  • Inks: Devaki Neogi
  • Cover Artist: Devaki Neogi
  • Published By: Virgin Comics
  • More Info: http://www.liquidcomics.com/