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Metro Med #1
  • Metro Med #1
  • Metro Med is the only hospital in the world specially suited for the treatment of superheroes, supervillains and other strange and supernatural individuals. Metro Med is centrally located on an island in the middle of the East coast Tri-Metro, a megalopolis formed by the bay cities of bustling New Athens, colonial Libertyville and blue collar Bud City. The ongoing series will introduce you to dozens (and eventually hundreds) of intriguing patients as they walk in, fly in, or are brought in by their teammates. More importantly, you'll get to know the staff and the cities they live in.
  • Writer: Michael Hutchison
  • Pencils: Phil Meadows
  • Letters: Phil Meadows
  • CBT Created By: New Legend Productions
  • Published By: Fuzzball Comics
  • More Info: