Minister Sinister #1    




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Madame Tarantula #1
  • Madame Tarantula #1
  • She's Madame Tarantula, the Black Mariah of the distant, weird world of the "New West" 4,000 years away in Earth's future! Three NEW tales of Tarantula--Ghost in the Machine, Heart and Soul, and Social Circles! Cool, sexy art and hot, dusty stories from the legendary Mike Hoffman! The foxy and mean human girl known as Madame Tarantula travels a post-holocaust future that's a lot like--the Old West! She hates Robots and Androids, and all the bizarre flora and fauna make for some pretty damn strange adventures on the other side of the New Inland Sea. Get out there, podner! GO WEST!
  • Writer: Mike Hoffman
  • Pencils: Mike Hoffman
  • Inks: Mike Hoffman
  • Cover Artist: Mike Hoffman
  • Published By: Eye Bank Comics
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