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Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday Vowels  




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  • Flinch
  • Stories to inspire wonder... and question the darkness inside us all. Flinch is a collection of engaging stories by established and emerging creators, all playing on their interpretation of 'flinch'. From facing the 'other' within ourselves, to the tale of a prison inmate discovering what keeps him going, to a handful of stories exploring traditional (and non-traditional) hauntings alike. Featuring work from Shaun Tan, Justin Randall, Terry Dowling, James Barclay, Tom Taylor, Colin Wilson, Christian Read, Chris Bones, Bobby.N, Chris Bolton, Skye Ogden, Mel Tregonning, Tom Bonin, Andrew Richardson, Mark Welsh, Christian Scott, Ray Fawkes, Anton McKay and Michael Katchan.
  • Writer: Various
  • Pencils: Various
  • Cover Artist: Shaun Tan
  • Published By: Gestalt Publishing
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