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Skelebunnies:  Complete Collection
  • Skelebunnies: Complete Collection
  • Join these living-dead abominations in a playful, episodic romp through the forest. You'll meet their adorable servants, the Woobies, who come in three distinct varieties: Devil Woobies, Bat Woobies, and Mushroom Woobies. You'll also meet the Skellies' faithful flying zombie steed, the dainty Pretty-Pretty Pony Macabre. She has some seriously bad luck. And of course there's the Skelebunnies' most bipolar & boy-crazy frenemy, Satan. Along the way you'll encounter the rather judgemental Baby Dwarf Bears, the savage Baba Yaga, the aptly-named Buttwing, and a host of other characters and stories. Are the Skelebunnies mean spirited? Sometimes. Does it all make sense? Not really. What's the point? To giggle, my friends. To giggle.
  • Writer: Tommy Kovac
  • Pencils: Tommy Kovac
  • Cover Artist: Tommy Kovac
  • Published By: SLG Publishing
  • More Info: http://www.slgcomic.com