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Deadworld:  Slaughterhouse
  • Deadworld: Slaughterhouse
  • A new chapter in DEADWORLD, one of the longest running independent comics on the market. Here, humans, fleeing from the menace of the undead find themselves in a horror that goes far beyond the threat of the zombies. See why Tom E. Sniegoski, writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Vampirella, called Deadworld "the best, in my humble opinion, of the zombie comics". This is the entire first issue in the forthcoming SLAUGHTERHOUSE hardcover graphic novel coming from Desperado Publishing in October, 2009.
  • Writer: Gary Reed
  • Pencils: Sami Makkonen
  • Inks: Sami Makkonen
  • Published By: Desperado Publishing
  • More Info: