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Hiyama Vol. 2:  Devils Within
  • Hiyama Vol. 2: Devils Within
  • The year 2021, gangs and criminals dominate Britain, the police forces have no control of law and order, corruption is rife and crime levels are unprecedented. 2 years earlier one of the most powerful and violent gangs in the country was massacred by Mei Hiyama with the help of Assistant Commissioner John Torrent, and although no gang has taken over where Conner's left off, Mei decides to start work with John again. While Mei waits while John and his teams try to find out who is behind the recent spate of child kidnappings, the Hiyama's lives are once again turned upside down as Mei's daughter is snatched. At first distraught and hysterical, Mei soon loses control of her anger as she sets out to find Bee, and whoever took her.
  • Writer: Gruff79
  • Pencils: Gruff79
  • Inks: Gruff79
  • Cover Artist: Gruff79
  • Published By: Tabella Publishing
  • More Info: http://www.tabella.co.uk