ANAFAE Liber Duex:  Recollection ANAFAE 3:  Dreams of Dragons  




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ANAFAE Liber Prima:  Awakening
  • ANAFAE Liber Prima: Awakening
  • Expanded from an original short story, "Anafae" is the new series created and illustrated by Monica Richards and James Neely. The title, "Anafae", was created for The Maternatural, known collectively as Mother Nature: the regenerative force of Spring and Mother Earth herself, who manifests in the form of an Otherworldly woman, and travels the earth to see what has become of her realm. In a future Dark Age, a global plague destroys all life on the planet, and wherever Anafae is seen, things seem to magically grow again, people begin to heal, and life returns anew. But for how long?
  • Writer: Monica Richards
  • Pencils: Monica Richards & James Neely
  • Colors: James Neely
  • Cover Artist: James Neely
  • Published By: The Mercyground
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