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ANAFAE Liber Duex:  Recollection
  • ANAFAE Liber Duex: Recollection
  • The second book in the Anafae series, in which Anafae begins to unlock the secrets of the plague, all the while transforming everything she touches. From the enchanting Robo-kitty, we learn of the short life and tragic death of Allaine, a genetically engineered child created by Charles Syms, leading research scientist of the GenetiBioCorp Metanation. And as General Lagan begins to torture his prisoner, the enigmatic Anna Mante, for answers to the plague's beginnings, her deep connection to Anafae begins to reveal itself.
  • Writer: Monica Richards
  • Pencils: Monica Richards & James Neely
  • Colors: James Neely
  • Cover Artist: James Neely
  • Published By: The Mercyground
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