Sky Pirates of Valendor: Series 2-Issue 1    




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Sky Pirates of Valendor
  • Sky Pirates of Valendor
  • Welcome to the World of Valendor, a bold new world where steam-powered ships sail across the sky and where you'll find that the standard heroes come in any shape or form-even Pirate! Life as one of the most notorious pirates in Valendor comes with its own set of ups and downs, and sometimes all Tobin Manheim wants is an easy job. His wish was granted when Governor Langford offered him one on a silver platter. Tobin saw an opportunity to make an easy coin and he pounced on it without question. However the costs became greater than the rewards. First cost-Tobin's dignity. He has to work with his ex-wife. From there, things seem to go straight into the privy. Past accounts become due, parts of his ship explode and when things seem to brighten up, they only got worse. What happens though when Tobin reaches his limit and just wants the job to be over? Revenge!
  • Writer: Everett Soares
  • Pencils: Brian Brinlee
  • Inks: Michael W. Kellar, Keith J. Murphey, Alex Rivera
  • Colors: Jet Amago
  • Letters: Cary Kelley, Steve Kuster
  • CBT Created By: New Legend Productions
  • Published By: Free Lunch Comics
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