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Bad Planet
  • Bad Planet
  • Throughout the cosmos there is a term, a combination of two simple words, spoken in over 40 million dialects which bring fear to countless living species. It is a phrase of warning, of dread, of imminent and ancient destruction. Entire civilizations have fallen under the label and disappeared from existence like a wisp of smoke on the solar wind. Now Earth itself has been designated by these two deadly words and we can only pray for a quick and painless end to everything we have ever known. Welcome to Earth . . . The next BAD PLANET. The world of Bad Planet is the brainchild of Thomas Jane, spewed forth from a particularly vivid nightmare. Add a dose of Steve Niles, the art direction and inking talents of Tim Bradstreet, and a full serving of concept artist/penciler James Daly... And what you wind up with is a modern classic in the making.
  • Writer: Thomas Jane, Steve Niles
  • Pencils: Lewis LaRosa, James Daly III, Dave Kendall
  • Inks: Tim Bradstreet, James Daly III
  • Colors: Grant Goleash
  • Letters: Jason William Hanley
  • Cover Artist: James Daly III (#1),Tim Bradstreet (#1,4),Bernie Wrightson (#2),Mark Schultz (#3),Michael William Kaluta (#5),Dave Stevens (#6)
  • CBT Created By: D2 Comics
  • Published By: Raw Studios / Image Comics
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