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The Royal Historian of Oz #1
  • The Royal Historian of Oz #1
  • Frank Fizzle wishes his father would have just a single original idea, instead the Jasper Fizzle sees himself as the new Royal HIstorian of OZ as he insists on writing new OZ stories. When the failed writer discovers that Oz really exists, he makes an error in judgment that brands him a criminal in two worlds. Frank, may be doomed to pay for the sins of the father at the hands of the axe-wielding Tin-Man and the ghost of the Wicked Witch. Can Frank save the day and redeem the Fizzle family name, or will the drizzly ghost of the Wicked Witch of the West destroy them all? Coming from SLG Publishing, June 2010. The first issue of this comic will be priced at $1.00!!! No reason NOT to try it.
  • Writer: Tommy Kovac
  • Pencils: Andy Hirsch
  • CBT Created By: Shannon Coffey, Music by Kevin MacLeod
  • Published By: SLG Publishing
  • More Info: