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Fiction Clemens
  • Fiction Clemens
  • With murder on their minds, vengeful Tycoons chase gunslinger Fiction Clemens from the wastelands to the big city. Caught in a recurring struggle between love and hate, Clemens finds himself in the middle of an alien conspiracy to drag his Old West world into the Space Age. Don't miss out on what Powers own Michael Avon Oeming describes as, "If Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton had a love child, it would the world of Fiction Clemens. The comic is a full, full meal, every page will fill your eyes and mind like few comics can."
  • Writer: Josh Wagner
  • Pencils: Joiton
  • Colors: Alejandro Marmontel, Veronica Gandini, Nicolas Pina
  • Letters: (Sergio) Calmez
  • CBT Created By: Josh Wagner
  • Published By: Ape Entertainment
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