Paula Peril #1: The Curse of the Golden Dragon Paula Peril: Trapped In The Flames Paula Peril:  Mystery of the Crystal Falcon
Paula Peril #3: The Power of the Sewer Serpent Paula Peril #4: Mystery of the Jungle Beast  




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Paula Peril #2: The Case of the Haunted Museum
  • Paula Peril #2: The Case of the Haunted Museum
  • When Paula Peril's investigative reports become the talk of the town, rival reporter Veronica Vile steals the spotlight by offering to spend the night in a museum haunted by the ghost of one of city's founding fathers. Meanwhile, Paula is on the trail of ruthless counterfeiters who'll stop at nothing to keep her from finding the truth!
  • Writer: James Watson
  • Pencils: Seppo Makinen
  • Inks: Rob Ewing
  • Letters: Nate Pride
  • Cover Artist: Dave Hoover
  • CBT Created By: New Legend Productions
  • Published By: Atlantis Studios
  • More Info: