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Bad Planet TPB Volume 1
  • Bad Planet TPB Volume 1
  • Bad Planet begins when a Near Earth Object (NEO) collides with our planet. When a race of arachnid-like predators emerges from the wreckage, and mankind stands powerless against the monsters that would prey on it like cattle and use Earth as a macabre breeding ground. At our darkest hour, a lone Phaedon Warrior may be our only salvation. The new trade edition is in full color and features a 16 page section in SUPERTERROR 3-D! Add to that a massive extra 40+ pages of ancillary bonus material, a cover gallery that features finished and preliminary visions by our murderer's row of cover artists (Bernie Wrightson, Mark Schultz, Michael Wm. Kaluta, James Daly, Lewis LaRosa, Tim Bradstreet, and Dave Stevens), loads of concept art, rare photos, and all designs from the making of this landmark series.
  • Writer: Thomas Jane, Steve Niles
  • Pencils: Lewis LaRosa, James Daly III, Dave Kendall
  • Inks: Tim Bradstreet, James Daly III
  • Colors: Grant Goleash
  • Letters: Jason William Hanley
  • Cover Artist: Basil Gogos
  • Published By: Raw Studios
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