Alien Pig Farm 3000 - Teaser #2    




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Alien Pig Farm 3000 - Teaser #1
  • Alien Pig Farm 3000 - Teaser #1
  • Put yer feet up. Set a spell and get ready for Armageddon! When a race of pig-eating, flesh-gnarling, aliens attack, it's up to Johnny Ray to kick some green-skinned butt AND keep his moronic brother, Elvis, out of trouble while protecting the sister he loves...probably more than he should. Its aliens, rednecks and incest! The perfect gift for that special someone.
  • Writer: Todd Farmer, Thomas Jane, Steve Niles
  • Pencils: Don Marquez
  • Inks: Don Marquez
  • Colors: Grant Goleash
  • Letters: Jason William Hanley
  • Cover Artist: William Stout (Issues 1 & 3), Mark Schultz (Issues 2 & 4)
  • Published By: Raw Studios, Image Comics
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