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The Hardballers
  • The Hardballers
  • A supercharged, stylized action-thriller riding on a hurricane of chrome and steel. Rising from the ashes of a bombed out biker clubhouse, a woman dons the patch of her fallen lover and sets out on the road to revenge. Two other clubhouse women join her and a beautiful young girl rescued from the clutches of violence, in a 'one for all - all for one' pact for justice. Their road is one paved with testosterone as they enter into a world of brotherhoods, brutes and corruption. They go toe-to-toe with men, playing cat and mouse - and through it all - developing a bond that no man could ever understand. Their process is one that firstly must overcome initial physical weakness in the face of their opponents. Then it becomes one of communication, compromise, adaptation and more importantly, instinct. Their hunt takes them into a world of corruption. In it's basest form, it is the battle of the sexes set in a world of motorcycle clubs and police corruption. Through their hunt, they learn to understand the nature of the beast and how to destroy it.
  • Writer: Craig Knight
  • Pencils: Eduardo Pansica
  • Inks: Eber Ferreira
  • Colors: Giovanna Guimaraes
  • Letters: Simon Bowland
  • Cover Artist: Eduardo Pansica
  • CBT Created By: Craig Knight, Knight Squared Entertainment
  • Published By: Knight Squared Entertainment
  • More Info: http://www.thehardballers.com