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Stone #1
  • Stone #1
  • The kingdom of Estaena is held in the grip of a cruel dictator, while the remnants of the forces loyal to the rightful monarch starve in the wilderness as the winter approaches. Their last hope is a vagrant warrior woman who wants nothing more than to give up fighting and spend her days doing honest work. Donna Stone says that she's too old and too fat and too tired to get involved in some hopeless battle. But Laurel of Estaena recognizes a warrior's spirit when she sees it, and before long Donna and Laurel set out on a desperate adventure to win back a kingdom lost to darkness and tyranny. Stone is a tale of ordinary people pressed to do the extraordinary for the sake of their friends and their country. It's the story of a different kind of warrior. The kind you can believe in.
  • Writer: Rick Silva
  • Pencils: Alice Veidt, Vincent Veidt
  • Inks: Alice Veidt, Vincent Veidt
  • Published By: Dandelion Studios, Quarterstaff Comics Imprint
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