Grace Comes Home The Butcher Church of One




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  • Sortan-Valta
  • Princess Mara's birthday is here, but she has no idea the frights in store for her on this insane day. Horse-thief and prisoner, Jeo gets the shock of his life when a mysterious and beautiful mage appears and tells him of his destiny to save the kingdom. Journey into the magical lands of SORTAN-VALTA for a fantasy tale unlike any other you have seen!
  • Writer: Wintress Odom, Michelle Friedrichs
  • Pencils: Dave Edgerly
  • Inks: Dave Edgerly
  • Colors: Dave Edgerly
  • Letters: James Abels
  • CBT Created By: Music: Gregg Rossetti, Voices: Sarella Bond (Ersa), Bradd Ryder (Jeo)
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