The Rift #1    




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The Rift #4
  • The Rift #4
  • Y'Nett's mysterious transformation from a lone munitions expert into something deadlier is fully realized at the cost of the diminishing vampire clan in Ireland. Meanwhile our human heroes and their newfound Kudarian friend, Silo'Ett, find out who those men in black really are. Battle tensions rise and the action is about to begin, but what are Julie Ryan and Nicky Nuzzo doing at the country's first public beach?
  • Writer: Andrew LoVuolo
  • Pencils: Robert Atkins, Brennan Rudd
  • Inks: Matt Dalton
  • Colors: Erik Korsgaard
  • Letters: LithiumPro
  • Cover Artist: Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
  • CBT Created By: Andrew LoVuolo
  • Published By: GI Studios
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