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Lenore #2
  • Lenore #2
  • After years of shocking physical and mental abuse, extreme violence and unnecessary brutality it looks as if Mr. Gosh's feelings of unrequited love for Lenore have finally turned? Only time and the twisted creative genius of Roman Dirge can tell. Featuring more gruesomely grisly tales of Lenore and her demented menagerie of twisted friends, this second chapter in the rebirth of Lenore sees Mr.Gosh, Lenore's long-suffering unrequited paramour, take center stage. Lenore #2 will be a must have for all Lenore fans as for the first time, Dirge reveals Lenore's surname!
  • Writer: Roman Dirge
  • Pencils: Roman Dirge
  • Inks: Roman Dirge
  • Cover Artist: Roman Dirge
  • Published By: Titan Publishing
  • More Info: http://titanmagazines.com/t/lenore/