The McKain Chronicles:  Battle For Earth Dreadnought: Invasion Six #1  




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Sophia Awakening #1
  • Sophia Awakening #1
  • Our Planet has been devastated by climate change on a massive and sweeping scale. Civilization is destroyed by the ice that swallowed our planet whole. A remarkable complex of self contained, tube like cities, suspended above the cloud layer that had enveloped most of the surface after the onset of the Ice Age. Here, an unlikely hope is born, within the pathways of an advanced computer. Her name is, Sophia.
  • Writer: Terrence Bernard
  • Pencils: Andres Guinaldo
  • Inks: Nick Miller
  • Colors: Mohan Sivakami
  • Letters: Ray Berg
  • Cover Artist: Andres Guinaldo
  • CBT Created By: Kevin Macleod
  • Published By: Parasite Publishing
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