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  • Infex
  • FIGHT. SURVIVE. INFECT. INFEX is a fast-paced action thriller about a young woman -transformed into a human weapon - who must escape from the bio-warfare facility that created her. Cancer survivor, Evelyn "Ivy" Kendall, discovers that her father's chemotherapy treatment holds the secret to human evolution and the key to developing genetically engineered bio-weapons. Sheltered from the circumstances of her father's murder by his own corporation - INGEN BIO - Ivy grows up unaware of the lethal mutation dormant within her. Ivy is recruited under the watchful eye of Ingen Bio, but when her powers erupt, she is captured and quarantined in their underground labyrinth. Assisted by former soldier Garrett Thorne, they must find a way to escape the facility and survive.
  • Writer: Keith Arem
  • Pencils: Shake J
  • CBT Created By: PCB Productions
  • Published By: PCB Productions
  • More Info: http://www.infex.tv