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Silent Leaves: The Last Bondsman
  • Silent Leaves: The Last Bondsman
  • Long ago, the Prey nearly exterminated the human race. Only the ancient and mysterious Bondsmen were able to drive them back and turn the tide. Now, 500 years later, humanity must prepare for war once again. Only IAN knows the secret of the Bondsmen but will she be able to find them in time? The Prey have returned - ad no one has seen a Bondsman since their betrayal 400 years ago. The last of humanity protects themselves from creatures inside a massive fortress called the GodWall. This is the world of Great Decay - the world of Silent Leaves.
  • Writer: Christopher Shy
  • Pencils: Christopher Shy
  • Cover Artist: Christopher Shy
  • CBT Created By: Silent Partner
  • Published By: DMF Comics
  • More Info: