Warlash Dark Noir #1 Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis The Bomb
Warlash Dark Noir #2 UnDead Evil Asylum of Horrors #1




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  • DTOX
  • DTOX takes place in a post-Armageddon future. The lone biohazard warrior fights to cleanse the earth of a rising toxic mutant population. Killvixen, a knife-wielding femme fatale, soon joins him. Together, armed with the mobile arsenal code-named DTANK, they travel the ravaged midwest in search of rogue monstrosities and fuel. This 12-page action packed story introduces the world of DTOX, Killvixen and the biogeneticist, Scourge who is creating an army of disease carrying mutants.
  • Writer: Frank Forte
  • Pencils: Nenad Gucunja
  • Published By: Asylum Press
  • More Info: http://www.dtoxcomic.com/