Bits of the Dead    




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Axiom-Man: of Magic and Men
  • Axiom-Man: of Magic and Men
  • For a time, people were going missing, without a sign or trace as to their whereabouts. Then, for a time, they resurfaced, mutilated and broken, some with bizarre attachments surgically grafted onto their severed limbs. One name has surfaced as to the architect of these twisted acts of violence: the Magic Man. Axiom-man takes it upon himself to bring the Magic Man to justice, and uses the only bait he has to draw out this deadly maniac: himself. Welcome to the underground.
  • Writer: A.P. Fuchs
  • Pencils: Sean Simmans
  • Letters: Sean Simmans
  • Cover Artist: Sean Simmans
  • Published By: Coscom Entertainment
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